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If you plan to buy a waterfront property or build a home on a waterfront lot, you’re probably also considering additional features that you’ll add to your home.

Every homebuyer wants and needs different features to make their home “theirs”, but there are some common options to include for waterfront homes.

The following are 10 “must-have” waterfront home features to consider:

1. Large windows – One of the benefits of buying a waterfront property is the gorgeous year-round views that you’ll be able to enjoy.

However, you won’t be able to enjoy them if you don’t have enough windows – or if your windows aren’t big enough. Consider lining the side of your home facing the water with large enough windows so you can truly take advantage of your scenic view.

2. A lakeside deck Lake Shot Lifestyle page1 300x225 - 10 Must-Have Waterfront Home FeaturesThere’s nothing quite like being able to sit outside with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy the rising or setting sun, especially if it’s over a lake.

Build a deck behind your home that faces the lake so you can enjoy such intimate moments. You’ll also be able to use your deck to entertain friends and family as well.

3. A private dock – If one of the reasons for buying a waterfront property is so you can take your boat out onto the water whenever you want, then you’ll want to build a dock so that you can simply keep your boat right outside your home without having to take it back onto land.

Not only can you dock your boat right outside your home, but you’ll be able to relax on the pier and even fish off of it if you build it out far enough. Depending on your land and community, you can install a small dock for a small boat or a larger dock that will fit a boat (or two) plus other water gear like life vests, fishing poles and so on.

4. A boat ramp – If you travel a lot – and you like taking your boat with you – make it easy to hitch your boat onto your vehicle whenever you so desire by building a ramp beside your dock. This way, you’ll never have to go the long way around in order to use a public boat ramp.

5. A large garage – You’ll want a garage that’s big enough to house your vehicles as well as your boat trailer. If you own a boat, then odds are you’re going to have a lot of different gear and equipment that you’ll want to keep nearby as well and that you won’t want to store inside of your house.

6. A mudroom – If you get caught out in the rain while on the water, then you might not only get wet, but muddy as well. To prevent tracking all kinds of water, mud, dirt and debris through your house, build a mudroom by your entrance.

7. An outdoor shower – One of the perks of living on the lake is that you can go swimming anytime you want. Many waterfront property owners take full advantage of the nearby water to go swimming every morning. Swimming happens to be one of the best forms of exercise since it works out every muscle in the body.

If this is something that you plan on doing, you may want to install an outdoor shower that you can use to rinse off in after you get out of the lake. This ensures that you enter your home without tracking in lake water, mud or any other debris.

8. Outdoor lighting – If you want to sit on your deck or on your pier to enjoy the water at night, you’ll want to install sufficient outdoor lighting to ensure that you can do so safely.

LED lights installed on the exterior of your home or along the pier can also be used to highlight some of your favorite features. You could even put up lights near the foot of your favorite trees so that you can see them at night.

9. A property fence – Many people choose to buy waterfront homes because of the peace and quiet that such a property affords. A view of the water and the surrounding environment helps to create a tranquil atmosphere.

This is something you may want to preserve by putting up a fence around your property. Even though you may not be able to see your neighbors, knowing that you have a fence up should be enough to give you the peace of mind and privacy you desire.

10. Home automation – Almost all new luxury homes are built with home automation these days, which means there’s no reason not to integrate it into your waterfront property as well.

Home automation allows you to control all of your home’s systems, including the lights, the heating, the air conditioning, the locks and even your TV and stereo system from a single remote source, such as on your smartphone.

These are 10 features that everyone who buys a waterfront property or lot should strongly consider before building their lakefront dream home.

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