7 Things You Didn't Know About Golf Course CommunitiesYou may think you already know what to expect from a community nestled in a golf course – especially if you’re a golfer. But, you may be surprised to learn about the people, amenities and homes in certain golf course communities. Below, you’ll find seven things that you didn’t know about golf course communities:

1. They’re not just for golfers

Just because it’s a golf course community doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy the game of golf to live there. There are plenty of residents who live in our golf course community that have never played golf in their lives – or who might prefer the game of miniature golf over a long day out on the green.

What makes golf communities so attractive to these types of residents are all the extra amenities that golf course communities tend to have. From Olympic-sized swimming pools and clubhouses to tennis courts and playgrounds – you’ll find plenty of ways to keep busy in your neighborhood other than hitting the links.

2. Not all of the houses look the same

When some people think of planned communities, they think of miles and miles of cookie cutter houses that all look the same planted right next to each other. Our golf course community is full of houses that were built to reflect the unique tastes of their owners.

In fact, some of the most reputable custom home builders in the Richmond area regularly construct houses for residents in our community.

3. They tend to have tight-knit communities

Easy access to a golf course makes it easy for residents to meet, whether it’s on the green or at the club’s restaurant.

Because many golf course communities supplement their access to the golf club with numerous other amenities, such as pools and clubhouses, it tends to be easier for neighbors to form relationships as well. Many golf course communities even hold regular events at their clubhouses.

4. They have beautiful landscapes

7 Things You Didn't Know About Golf Course Communities - Chesdin Landing
Golf courses are very carefully manicured, so you can expect the same out of a golf course community. This may include anything from perfectly green grass and lush foliage to water features integrated in the homes and more. Our community is no different, especially when taking into account the surrounding woods and the proximity of Lake Chesdin.

5. Residents are given golf course perks

While golf course communities aren’t just for residents who enjoy golf, access to a golf course is certainly a big perk for those who do. For many golf enthusiasts, getting out to the golf course takes planning and effort.

Residents of a golf course community basically have instant access. Tee times are usually not restricted for residents as well. Not to mention that many golf course communities provide residents with a discount on their membership to the golf club.

6. Residents have more privacy than you realize

One of the other misconceptions about planned communities is that the houses will practically touch one another. While this is true in some communities, it’s not in ours.

Many of the lots that we have available here at Chesdin Landing consist of one to four acres, providing plenty of space to build on as well as plenty of privacy – and privacy is important to residents who want to live in peace and quiet.

7. Properties have a high ROI

A high-quality golf club is going to work to maintain its reputation throughout the future. Such a golf course helps make the community around it much more attractive to potential residents.

At Chesdin Landing, our community features access to the lake and to our many community amenities. If you build in our community, your house is likely to improve in value over the years.

These are seven things you may not have known about golf course communities and that may make the possibility of building a new home in a golf course community more attractive to you.

To learn more about the lots available in our golf course community, contact us at Chesdin Landing to schedule a tour of our community today.