Kids kayaking 300x161 - 8 Benefits Of A Waterfront Home In ChesterfieldChesterfield has grown to be an attractive community for not only homebuyers looking for a place to raise their families, but also for those who work in the city of Richmond but don’t enjoy the big city lifestyle.

A waterfront home located in Chesterfield can offer a laundry list of advantages over other types of homes, especially here at Chesdin Landing.

The following are eight of the benefits that waterfront home owners in Chesdin Landing get to enjoy that other homeowners likely miss out on:

1. Easy access to the water

You’ll no longer have to plan a day trip out to the nearest lake or body of water if you live right on the water. If you have an affinity for swimming, fishing or boating (or any other type of water-related activity), you’ll be able to walk right down to the lake on a whim whenever it suits you.

2. Keep your boat on your property

Lake Chesdin 300x140 - 8 Benefits Of A Waterfront Home In ChesterfieldIf you own a boat but have never lived on a waterfront property, then you know how big of a hassle it can be to maintain and even use it.

You have to hook it up to your car, then drive out to a dock that may or may not charge you for its use, and so on. By living on a waterfront property, you can keep your boat right there in the water, which means you won’t have to worry about driving it around, storing it or retrieving it every time you want to go out on the water.

3. Gorgeous year-round views

sunset 300x225 - 8 Benefits Of A Waterfront Home In ChesterfieldOwning a home that has a good view is something of a rarity, especially if you’re just surrounded by other homes. You’re practically guaranteed to have a beautiful view if you live on the waterfront. What view of a lake isn’t absolutely gorgeous? Having such views will certainly increase the enjoyment you’ll get from living in your home here in Chesdin Landing.

4. A relaxing atmosphere

The presence of water has been proven to have a tranquil effect on people. This means that when you’re stressed out from work, even just sitting in view of the lake for a few minutes can go a long way in helping to get your mind off things.

5. Plenty of privacy

Privacy is something that’s important for most homeowners, and you’ll certainly get it on a waterfront property in Chesdin Landing. The presence of the lake itself ensures that you’ll have privacy on at least one side of your property.

However, our waterfront lots in Chesdin Landing are quite spacious – some are even up to three or four acres large. This means you won’t have to worry about accidentally looking inside of someone else’s house when you look out the window!

6. A tight-knit community

relaxing by the pool600 300x171 - 8 Benefits Of A Waterfront Home In ChesterfieldEven though the waterfront homes in Chesdin Landing offer owners the privacy they desire, the community in Chesdin Landing is still very tight-knit, so you won’t feel like a hermit.

There are many community amenities available, such as our tennis courts, pool, and clubhouse, that make it easy to socialize with your neighbors. Additionally, we hold community-wide events throughout the year to encourage homeowners to get to know one another.

7. A short commute to Richmond

You might feel like you’re living in a more secluded spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city in your waterfront home, but in reality, you’ll only be 30 miles away from Richmond. This is perfect for anyone who has to commute to Richmond or who enjoys taking trips into the city on occasion.

8. A strong investment for the future

Waterfront homes aren’t that easy to come by. Knowing all of the benefits that waterfront homes provide as well means that investing in a waterfront property tends to be extremely rewarding.

Considering these eight benefits, it should come as no surprise that waterfront homes in Chesterfield are in high demand. For information about the lots still available on the waterfront in our community, be sure to contact us at Chesdin Landing today at 804-590-9900.