interior frame of a new house under construction in North Carolina - 5 Advantages of Building Your House

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of building a custom home, or maybe you’ve been shopping for an older home but haven’t found a property that meets your needs. Whatever your reason for looking to new construction for your next move, consider these five key advantages of buying a brand-new build.

Build to Your Specifications

Your new construction home will be designed for your lifestyle, whether you need lots of space for a family to spread out or specialized areas to pursue hobbies or enjoy outdoor endeavors. From the floor plan to the fixtures, you’ll have the opportunity to select every item and truly imagine a property where you can spend a lifetime. You can build a sleek, mid-century modern ranch, an ornate Victorian, or any other style that fits your personal aesthetic.

Move within Months

If you are planning a move within the next year, you may be stressed about the challenge of finding the ideal home on the local market. When you’re shopping in a hot, competitive location such as the Richmond metro area, it can take much longer than expected to get from your first MLS search to unpacking the final moving box. By contrast, according to data from the U.S. Census, the average new construction home was ready for move-in within just seven months in 2019.

Handpick Your Location

When you picture your new home, do you see stunning water views, an expansive garden, or a serene, private wooded lot? When you build a custom home, you also choose the construction location. Existing houses may have the layout you want, but a location that leaves much to be desired. With a new build, you get the best of both worlds. You can also select a larger lot than may be available on the local market, so a custom home may be the way to go if you want plenty of acreage.

Save Energy

No matter how much you love that historic home, bringing it up to code and installing modern features likely requires a significant financial investment as well as months or years for the renovation. When you decide to live with older appliances, you’ll find that your energy costs go through the roof. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a new build with the latest energy-efficient technology, from smart thermostats that adjust to your schedule to water-saving dishwashers and washing machines. You can also opt for green amenities like solar panels.

Enjoy a Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

When you build a brand-new home, you can expect to live without the need for replacements and repairs for several decades. If you decide to purchase an older home, it’s important to budget for a new roof, new windows, and new systems, often within the first few years of ownership. By contrast, custom construction requires minimal maintenance for at least 20 years after you move in.

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Featured Image: Shutterstock / David Papazian