Waterfront property is beautiful and relaxing. Living on a lake can also be good for your health. Whether you’re retired or hoping to live at a different pace with your family, you can enjoy a lifestyle on the lake and improve your well-being while you’re at it.

1) Get More Vitamin D

Your body converts sunlight into vitamin D, but many people are deficient in this vitamin, according to Scientific American. Vitamin D is responsible for regulating your mood and may play a role in keeping heart disease, cancer and diabetes at bay. The vitamin also helps your body absorb calcium, which is important for strong bones.

Most people need just 15 minutes of sun exposure every day to maintain healthy vitamin D levels, but they don’t even get this much. When you live on a lake, you’re more likely to spend time outdoors.

2) Take In Fresh Air

As children, we are often told to go outside and get fresh air. As we get older, we spend more time indoors, though.

Most people purchase a lake house for the views, and the yard serves as an extended living room. You’re much more likely to spend time outside at a lake house than in the city or suburbs.

Instead of staying cooped up inside with other people, going outside can reduce your exposure to germs. Exercising outdoors can improve your immunity, promote relaxation and decrease stress. Fresh air is revitalizing. Although you might love drinking coffee on the deck of your lake house every morning, you might find that you need less caffeine because of the energy boost that you get from the fresh air.

3) Relax To The Sounds

If you’re particularly sensitive to sounds, you might find city living to be overstimulating. The sounds of nature, such as crickets chirping, birds tweeting and water lapping at the shore, blend together to create a spa-like effect.

Listening to these sounds has been shown to reduce the inward-focused attention that can enhance worry and stress. When you hear nature sounds, you might also experience a reduction in heart rate and diminished fight-or-flight response.

4) Sleep Better

After a day out in nature, you might sleep better. All of the relaxation and mood-enhancing chemicals that are stimulated by the tranquil setting can lead to improved sleep quality.

Sleep is crucial for optimizing your health. It plays a vital role in memory and metabolism, which tend to decline as you get older. Moving to a lake house may be just what you need to slow down the aging process.

5) Be Happier

Living near the water can make you happier. Researchers have found that when people are near or in water, they feel better physically and mentally. This is called the blue mind effect. It’s the remedy to the red mind effect, which occurs from the anxiety-producing patterns of modern life.

Being near the water can enhance creativity and even improve your connections with other people. It’s no wonder that going out on the boat feels so soothing. Blue mind can’t be achieved when you’re in the office or in front of a screen. When you’re in a lake house, you have the chance to turn it all off.

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