Stroud Water View - Choosing a lakefront or lake view property

When buying real estate on Lake Chesdin there are a lot of factors involved in selecting the perfect property. While lakefront is often buyer’s first choice initially, it’s not always the best choice when budget, property size and water access come into play. Be sure to evaluate your lifestyle and activities before you begin your search and determine if your interests require a waterfront property or if water view may be a better choice for you.

Here are some questions to help start the process:

  • How do you see yourself spending time at your lake house?
  • Are you willing to drive to get to the water? If so, how far are you willing to go?
  • How often and how many guests do you plan to have at the lake?
  • Do you like doing yard work?

Waterfront Property Cost

Most buyers have an idea of how much they can afford to pay for their lake home, but have you considered all the costs associated with owning your property? The price tag of your property is the biggest hit to your bank account, but there are some less obvious costs to keep in mind as well. When you’re looking at properties be sure to ask about taxes and lake association fees. You should also estimate the cost of erosion control/repair and any remodeling or new construction, as well as your travel costs and upkeep if you’re not planning to live at your lake house. One of the factors that sets Lake Chesdin apart from other lakefront properties in Virginia is it’s close proximity to Richmond, VA.


The activities you enjoy can be one of the biggest factors in which type of property you choose. Do you enjoy boating or jet skiing? If so you’ll want to look for a property with access to a dock. Many properties with community water access also share a dock or boat slips. Also talk to your realtor about where the closest boat ramp is and when it is accessible to you. Do you like to swim? Then you need to think about the depth of the water right off your property. Does it drop off suddenly or is it in a shallow cove? Also keep in mind that shorelines with deep water can be a concern if your have small children or grandchildren that will be at the lake with you. Will you be fishing? Would you prefer to fish from a boat or off the shoreline? Is entertaining a priority? Many lake view properties offer more land and larger homes for a smaller price tag.

Shoreline Considerations

Shorelines vary drastically from lot to lot, be sure to inspect them thoroughly to be certain the property you’re considering will suit your needs. Lake Chesdin offers a variety of shoreline types, they can be gradual or steep; wooded or sunny; rocky, mucky or sandy. Your search will broaden significantly if having a beach is not your top priority. Plus, properties on steeper slopes often have nicer views. Wooded shorelines are worth taking into account as well because they offer privacy from the water and more shade, which can make you considerably more comfortable during the sweltering summer months.

How to know what’s right for you?

Feeling overwhelmed by choices? The experienced realtors at Chesdin Realty are happy to help guide you through your property search. Call today at (804) 590-9900 or contact us here.

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