kids jumping off boat - Comparing Virginia’s Lakes & Their Neighboring PropertiesIf you’re looking to invest in property in Virginia, whether it’s as a primary residence, a secondary residence or investment property, you should consider investing in a property near one of the state’s many beautiful lakes.

Lakeside properties tend to be in high demand because of their gorgeous lakeside views, the easy ability for residents to enjoy some of their favorite water-based activities and because of the general peaceful and quiet nature of a typical lakeside property’s surroundings. If this piques your interest, then one specific spot to look at is Lake Chesdin and Chesdin Landing.


To give you an idea of how Lake Chesdin compares to the other lakes throughout Virginia, the following is a brief rundown of what you can expect from living near some of these major lakes:

Lake Anna

Lake Anna, which is located right in the middle of the state, boasts 13,000 acres of water surface area in addition to roughly 200 miles of shoreline. While Lake Anna isn’t the biggest lake you’ll come across in Virginia, it is only an hour away from Richmond, which means that it’s not uncommon to see an influx of temporary visitors come in from the city during the weekends. Residents and visitors alike head to Lake Anna to enjoy a bit of boating, jet skiing, water skiing, wake boarding and, of course, swimming.

Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston is right on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. It’s a huge lake, covering 20,000 acres and 35 miles with almost 350 miles of shoreline. As you can imagine, it’s also quite popular for water recreation, from boating and swimming to water skiing and wakeboarding. The lake is less than two hours away from Richmond and a little bit more than two hours away from Norfolk.

Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake has the distinction of being the second biggest freshwater lake in the state. At over 40 miles long and with more than 500 miles of shoreline, this lake is enormous. It also offers quite the view as it sits surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, all of which makes Smith Mountain Lake one of the biggest natural tourist attractions in Virginia.


Visitors come here not just for the water recreation possibilities but also the hiking and camping sites surrounding the lake. However, it is more than four hours away from Norfolk and three hours away from Richmond, making it less accessible to the state’s bigger city residents.

Lake Chesdin

Lake Chesdin is located in south-central Virginia, right on the border of Dinwiddie County and Chesterfield County. Also known as the Chesdin Reservoir, Lake Chesdin is known as a fantastic fishing spot by the locals. Fishing enthusiasts spend lots of time on the water fishing for everything from largemouth bass to white perch and channel catfish, just to name a few.


As far as size goes, Lake Chesdin is a respectable 3,100 acres of water that boasts three private marinas that offer boat ramps as well as rental boats, fishing supplies and camping supplies.


While Lake Chesdin might seem like a modest-sized lake when compared with some of the other lakes in the state, it also doesn’t attract nearly as many tourists from outside the area. This means that if you enjoy boating, swimming or fishing in peace, you’ll have no trouble doing so without feeling like you’re caught in a tourist trap. You could also argue that living around Lake Chesdin provides not just a more peaceful and tranquil lifestyle because of the lack of large amounts of tourists, but that it allows for a more intimate relationship with the community as well.


Even though property around Lake Chesdin does allow for a more private living experience, there are still plenty of amenities nearby, including a handful of fantastic restaurants. Local favorites include Southern Smokin’ BBQ and Granny’s Kitchen. Residents in the area also have the benefit of easy access to a number of larger cities. They’re within an hour’s drive to Richmond, less than two hours away from Norfolk and only two and a half hours from Raleigh, NC.


Investing in property near any of these beautiful lakes in Virginia will no doubt have its benefits. However, few lakeside properties compare to those that are available around Lake Chesdin. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a tour at Chesdin Landing today.