lakefront property va - Lakefront Homes vs. Beachfront Homes

Many people dream of building a house on the water but only a lucky few can make that dream a reality. If you’re one of those few and you’ve started researching waterfront properties, you also know how much work actually goes into making it happen.

One of the hardest parts is often deciding where your waterfront property will actually exist. Deciding between a lakefront property and a beachfront property may not be that difficult for someone who lives in Santa Monica, but here in Virginia it’s worth considering both options, especially for those who live an hour or more from the coast.

To help make this process easier, here are three things to consider when choosing your waterfront home:

1. Location, Location, Location

You hear it all the time in real estate – it all comes down to the location. That statement tends to be as true as ever when talking waterfront properties.

If you’re searching for a primary residence, then you’ll probably want a home that’s fairly close to family and friends, and convenient to shopping, restaurants, entertainment and other destinations that are important to you. If you’re shopping for a vacation home then you’re probably more interested in peaceful communities and an incredible view.

beachfront houses - Lakefront Homes vs. Beachfront HomesBuying a home on the beach is fun and it makes for a great place to visit in the summer or during holidays. If you plan to be there for a couple weeks at a time, it’s okay for the home to be a little bit out of the way – in a different state even.

But, buying a home on the lake is typically a more convenient option. You can probably even find a lakefront property close to the area that you’re in now. You won’t have to suffer through hours-long drives to get there. When it comes down to it, the location of your waterfront home is probably the biggest factor to consider. Make sure you understand the impact that the surrounding community will have on your experience as a waterfront homeowner.

2. Think about the activities you’ll want to enjoy

Even though lakefront homes and beachfront homes are all on the water, lakes and beaches offer different types of activities and features to those who live there. For one, the water on a lake is still, whereas the ocean water is constantly moving and crashing against the shore.

Lakefront properties are typically considered more calm and often times they’re more secluded, whereas beachfront properties tend to see more passersby and they usually border public beaches.

You’ll likely enjoy activities such as surfing and beach volleyball at the beach. With lakes, it’s more likely that you’ll be jet skiing, fishing or simply boating from cove to cove with friends.

One additional thing to consider is tourists. Beaches are hotspots for tourists, especially when warm weather rolls around. Lakes, while they definitely see more activity during the summer, still offer a serene and laid back experience in most cases.

3. What style home do you want and how much work is it?

Even though there are structural and stylistic similarities between lakefront and beachfront properties, there do tend to be significant differences as well.

Beachfront homes tend to be smaller with tiny yards or none at all. Beaches also usually require special materials, treatments and even insurance because of their proximity to the ocean and exposure to the elements.

Lakefront homes, on the other hand, frequently have small to large yards, often with large trees creating more privacy. While the materials used for lake homes also require certain materials and insurance coverage, there is often less protection needed than homes at the beach.

There are unique maintenance demands for houses in the different locations. It’s best to investigate how much work will go into the upkeep of your home after it’s built to make sure it’s something you are okay with.

Will your home be on the lake or on the beach?

For many Virginians, the advantages of living on the lake instead of living on the ocean are pretty clear. If you’re still weighing your options, it’s a good idea to see what a lakefront property has to offer. For information about Chesdin Landing or to schedule a tour, just call 804-590-9900.