Why Choose Chesdin Landing?

Waterfront Homes For Sale in Chesterfield, VA

Chesdin Landing is Chesterfield’s premier planned community. This lakefront community is located near the Pocahontas State Park right outside of Richmond, VA.

It will eventually contain 750 single family homes and has quickly become an in-demand place to live for homebuyers looking for a family-friendly, safe, private and convenient neighborhood to move to near the Richmond area.

Lake Chesdin - Chesdin Landing Homes For Sale

Why Choose Chesdin Landing?

There are several new planned communities in and around the Richmond area, but Chesdin Landing is easily one of the most attractive and in-demand of those communities.

The following are a few reasons why:

Community amenities

The Chesdin Landing community offers residents numerous amenities to take advantage of, including a 20,000 square foot clubhouse (which hosts all kinds of community events throughout the year), a fitness center, three tennis courts, a pool and easy access to the Chesdin Landing Golf Course, which boasts an 18-hole championship golf course that’s suitable for all skill levels.

Nearby local amenities

Residents of Chesdin Landing have easy access to all kinds of shopping and dining options throughout Chesterfield, from the Southpark Mall and the Virginia Center Commons Mall to the Pescados Restaurant and the Bluefish Grill.

Additionally, the Chesdin Landing is an easy 30 miles drive to the city of Richmond, where there is even more to do .

Excellent school system

Chesterfield County is known for its exceptional school system. In fact, the Chesterfield County School District ranks in the top percentile in student retention, SAT scores and more throughout the whole country.

Seven of the district’s schools were ranked in the top ten percent of American high schools by the America’s Most Challenging High Schools list published in 2014.

Gorgeous natural surroundings

The lots available at Chesdin Landing have up to four acres of land, providing homeowners with plenty of natural space to enjoy. The community is also located right by Pocahontas State Park as well as the James River.

Properties available on the lake

Finding a community that offers numerous community amenities and events, that is conveniently located and that is also part of a strong school system is tough. Finding one right on a lake as well is almost impossible. Yet at Chesdin Landing, there are lots still available, overlooking the beautiful Chesdin Lake.

Chesdin Landing Home - Chesdin Landing Homes For Sale

The Benefits of Owning a Waterfront Home

One of the big advantages of living in Chesdin Landing is that many of the properties and lots are located right on Lake Chesdin. Few communities outside of Richmond have this benefit.

Why exactly is it an advantage to buy a waterfront property? The following are just a few of the benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when living in a waterfront home:


Incredible year-round views

There’s nothing quite like sitting by a window and being able to enjoy the beautiful view of a lake, especially as the seasons begin changing.

Living by a lake also means that you’ll be able to catch sight of all kinds of friendly wildlife, which is certainly a perk for animal lovers or bird watchers.


Easy access to the water

Most people have to plan a trip to the nearest body of water if they want to go swimming, water skiing, fishing or boating. When you live right on a lake, you’ll be able to use it at your pleasure.

If you’re an avid fan of watersports and other water-related activities, then living right on the lake can’t be beat.


A peaceful atmosphere

It’s a lot easier to enjoy your home when you’re surrounded by the tranquil sounds of nature instead of the noise of a nearby freeway, as many people living in the cities can tell you.

If you have a stressful job or you’re retired after a long career, a home on the waterfront will do wonders for your happiness.


A sound investment

Waterfront properties are not easy to come across yet tend to be highly sought after. Buying a waterfront property is a sound investment.

Owners rarely have problems selling their waterfront properties if they ever decide to do so, and because of their scarcity can often make a profit to boot.


Potential health benefits

The peace and calm of a waterfront property, as well as the ability to participate in more water-related activities like swimming or fishing, can even help to benefit both physical and mental health.


Find Your Perfect Waterfront Home

If you’re interested in buying a waterfront property, look at the lots available right on Lake Chesdin here at Chesdin Landing.

For more information about our waterfront lots or our community in general, be sure to contact us at 804-590-9900.


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