Do I Need a Home Inspection With a New Construction Home?

  • 1 year ago

When purchasing a home that someone else has been living in, people often have a private home inspection to get a thorough report on the property’s condition. However, an inspection is also a good idea for a newly constructed house.

  • New home inspections can help builders and owners find minor problems before they grow more significant and expensive.
  • A new home inspection is helpful, even if the builder has already had the house inspected for occupancy.

One of the reasons people buy newly constructed homes is to avoid the problems that often come with a previously owned property. However, no property is perfect, no matter how conscientious the builder is. It’s a good idea for the builder and owner to have a private inspection so that the parties agree on the condition of the home and any repairs needed.

New Home Inspections

New home inspections are optional when building a new home; however, many real estate professionals encourage buyers to pursue them. To get a new home inspection, you hire a third party, a company licensed to provide the service, to evaluate the home’s condition. The assessment includes all the major systems, such as the HVAC and plumbing. New home inspections assess the structure of the house as well. The professional issues a complete report of the findings, and if it indicates any significant problems, the builder can fix them before the new owner takes possession.

Keep in mind that this kind of inspection is different from the one that local governments do to issue occupancy permits. It’s also different from the final walk-through included in almost all construction contracts. Private new home inspections follow a new home inspection checklist that may include some of the same items as the other types of assessments, but the reports from the private company tend to be much more detailed and thorough. They aren’t intended to derail the sale of the home or make the builder look incompetent. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure everyone knows everything possible about the property before the final papers are signed.

Is a Home Inspection Necessary for New Home Construction?

It’s important to understand that no property, even new construction, is perfect. Home inspection reports are very detailed, and much of what the inspection finds are minor issues that don’t require extensive repairs. Some of the most common items found when a house has a post-construction inspection are cracks in the foundation, poor drainage, leaking windows, doors that don’t line up just right, and HVAC malfunctions. Occasionally, new home inspections find more severe electrical problems, missing insulation, or incorrectly installed plumbing fixtures. Reputable builders want to know when something didn’t go as planned because they want to maintain an excellent reputation to earn future business.

Where Can I Learn More?

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