How to Choose the Best Retirement Community

  • 1 year ago

A 55+ community can be an excellent choice for people looking for a retirement option. However, selecting one that suits your lifestyle requires some research.

  • Consider what activities you would like to pursue and find a community that offers those opportunities.
  • 55+ community can be very large or very small, so you want to consider what fits your lifestyle best.

What is a 55+ Community?

A 55+ community is an area where the homes, condos, or apartments are designed for people age 55 and older. The rules governing 55+ communities vary, but most require that at least one person on the lease or deed is 55 or older. These developments usually offer specific amenities that appeal to residents in this age group, such as walking trails, dog parks, spa facilities, and gardens. They come in all different sizes and are often called active adult communities in the real estate literature. In some areas, 55+ communities are connected to golf courses or parks with senior centers.

What Should I Look for in a 55+ Community?

Moving to a 55 and over community is a big decision, so you should carefully research your options. Not every community is the same, and you want to find one that suits your lifestyle and fits your priorities. Here are a few things to consider as you tour different facilities:

  • Think about whether you prefer a large or small active adult community. The amenities and services available usually go up with the size of the development. Small communities may have just a hundred or more homes, while some of the largest can have 50,000 homes or more. There is no right or wrong size, only what feels comfortable for you. If you would be intimidated living in a big city, then one of the smaller 55+ developments might be a better fit for you.
  • Consider which amenities in which you are most interested. If you love to swim, you’ll want a community pool. If golf is your retirement passion, then you’ll want a neighborhood with access to a well-maintained course. Runners and walkers will enjoy a community with a safe track or trail.
  • Many people in or approaching retirement look forward to trying new things, learning new skills, and meeting new people. Others look forward to peace and quiet. If you see yourself keeping a busy social calendar, you’ll want to find a community that offers various clubs, events, classes, and activities. Some of the larger 55+ communities even have social events directors or similar staff members to organize all the happenings.
  • When they operate effectively, homeowners’ associations, or HOAs, can help make a 55+ community a great place to live. An HOA is an organization responsible for overseeing and enforcing the policies of the community. These associations also often have some responsibility for maintaining shared spaces such as streets and parks. You’ll find an HOA in almost every condominium complex and many communities of single-family homes. As a property owner, you want to know that the HOA effectively protects your property value by enforcing covenants related to property maintenance, lawn care, and construction standards.

Where Can I Learn More?

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